Style Guide

Present your data processing with the help of PRIVACY ICONS. Use PRIVACY ICONS only according to this style guide.


If you want to download the entire collection of PRIVACY ICONS, click on the Download Font button below the page navigation option. If you only need PRIVACY ICONS for specific topics, download them individually here.

After downloading the entire collection, you will receive a zip file. Once you extract the zip file, you will get three folders: css, example and fonts. All CSS files are stored in the CSS folder and the fonts in the font folder. The example folder contains an HTML file that displays the downloaded icons, along with their unicodes.

Use on the Web

Copy the entire Privacy Icons directory into your project folder. Refer your HTML to the position of your Privacy-Icons-Regular.min.css.

<link rel="stylesheet" href=".../myProjects/privacyicons/fonts/Privacy-Icons-Regular.min.css">

Use in graphics programs such as Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator

After extracting the zip file, you will find a .ttf file in the font folder. You should be able to install the font by double-clicking on the .ttf file. Now go to the Privacy Icons overview website, copy the icon to use and paste it into your graphics software (including Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator). Please note that the typo tool must be selected when pasting the icon. After pasting the icon, select it and change the font family to “PRIVACY ICONS”.

Use of icons

PRIVACY ICONS may only be used, adapted and coloured in accordance with this STYLE GUIDE. They may not be altered in any other way or used in conjunction with any other icons that illustrate the processing of personal data.

Protective zone

The protective zone is 1/9 of the icon width or 4 times X.
X = bar strength

Minimum sizes

Print: 8mm / 23pt / 30px bei 300 dpi
Web: 48pt / 4em / 64px bei 96 dpi
Mobile: 24pt / 2em / 32px bei 458 dpi


PRIVACY ICONS are always monochromatic and can be used in the respective corporate colour. The positive PRIVACY ICONS (what we do) are always shown with 100% opacity. The negative PRIVACY ICONS (what we do not do) may be represented with 50% opacity.

A series of PRIVACY ICONS must always be displayed in the same colour. Only the positive and negative PRIVACY ICONS may differ in colour.


on a dark background

on a light background

Dos and Don'ts

1 The PRIVACY ICONS of a series must be presented in the same size. Negative icons can also be depicted smaller than the positive ones.

2 The icons must be monochromatic and must not be coloured as a gradient.

3 The icons must not be on a busy background.

4 No areas may be coloured.

5 The icons must not be edited.

6 The icons must not be changed graphically.

7 You may not create your own icons for this purpose.

Example applications
Style guide

You can also download the Style Guide as a PDF here.