Preliminary draft of the data protection ordinance: our statement

It should be made easy for companies to make their privacy notices more reader-friendly using pictograms. The “machine readability” prescribed in the preliminary draft of the Swiss data protection ordinance has the opposite effect. The Privacy Icons association therefore requests the deletion of Art. 13 para. 2. Here is our statement.

Statement VE-VDSG

“We are very pleased to be part of the Privacy Icons from the very beginning. Customer proximity is an important goal of Migros and the Privacy Icons fulfil exactly that: They bring data protection aspects closer to the customer. Data and their use are becoming more and more important and it is key that customers can easily see how and for what purposes their data is used.”

– Matthias Glatthaar, Data Protection Officer Federation of Migros Cooperatives

“Transparency creates trust. I think the Privacy Icons are an excellent tool to illustrate how we at SBB handle our customers’ data. Our customers benefit from this – but so do we at SBB as transparency enhances the trust that our customers place on us.”

– Claudius Ettlinger, Data Protection Officer SBB AG

“As one of the leading providers of financial services in Switzerland, we are strongly committed to ensuring that the digital development of our business is implemented in a transparent manner. Privacy icons make an important contribution by explaining in an easily understandable manner how Credit Suisse processes personal data.”

– Norman Stürtz, Chief Data Officer, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

“Swisscom is shaping the digitisation of our daily life and is committed to the trustworthy handling of data. We are proud to be among the first to promote Privacy Icons. By setting a new standard, we are contributing to greater transparency in data protection.”

– Juliette Hotz, Senior Counsel Data Governance, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd