License terms

1. Every processor of personal data is entitled to use the PRIVACY ICONS in accordance with the following provisions in order to describe its own processing of personal data that is also described in its privacy policy.

2. The right to use the PRIVACY ICONS is granted free of charge. It is valid as long as the terms of this Licence are complied with.

3. The processor must notify the association PRIVACY ICONS that it uses the PRIVACY ICONS via the registration form on the PRIVACY ICONS website (

4. The PRIVACY ICONS may only be used for the statements mentioned in the descriptive short texts. The PRIVACY ICONS‘ name and the short texts may be used together with the PRIVACY ICONS to explain their meaning but they may not be changed.

5. The processor must always use all PRIVACY ICONS that apply to its data processing, i.e. no PRIVACY ICONS that are applicable to the processing may be omitted. Exception: Only one PRIVACY ICON regarding the „Place of Processing“ is to be used at a time. In addition to the affirmative PRIVACY ICONS, the processor may use negative PRIVACY ICONS to indicate which data processing is not undertaken.

6. The PRIVACY ICONS may only be used, adapted and coloured according to the PRIVACY ICONS STYLE GUIDE. They may neither be modified in any other way nor may they be used together with other icons that describe the processing of personal data.

7. The responsibility for the truthful declaration of the data processing remains with the processor. In particular, the association PRIVACY ICONS does not guarantee that the use of the PRIVACY ICONS is regarded by the competent authorities and courts as a valid and sufficient means to ensure the transparency of the processing of personal data.

8. This license is subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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