Present your data processing with the help of PRIVACY ICONS. Use PRIVACY ICONS only for the statements mentioned in the short texts.

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General Data 

<i class="pi-general-data"></i>

HEX F000

Financial Data 

<i class="pi-financial-data"></i>

HEX F002

Health Data 

<i class="pi-health-data"></i>

HEX F004

Location Data 

<i class="pi-location-data"></i>

HEX F006

Biometric Data 

<i class="pi-biometric-data"></i>

HEX F008

Intimate Data 

<i class="pi-intimate-data"></i>

HEX F010

Provided Data 

<i class="pi-provided-data"></i>

HEX F012

Collected Data 

<i class="pi-collected-data"></i>

HEX F014

Received Data 

<i class="pi-received-data"></i>

HEX F016


<i class="pi-marketing"></i>

HEX F018

Product Development 

<i class="pi-product-development"></i>

HEX F020

Other Purposes 

<i class="pi-other-purposes"></i>

HEX F022

Automated Decision-Making 

<i class="pi-automated-decision-making"></i>

HEX F034


<i class="pi-profiling"></i>

HEX F036

Data Transfers 

<i class="pi-data-transfers"></i>

HEX F030

Data Sale 

<i class="pi-data-sale"></i>

HEX F032


<i class="pi-switzerland"></i>

HEX F024

Switzerland and Europe 

<i class="pi-switzerland-europe"></i>

HEX F026


<i class="pi-europe"></i>

HEX F038


<i class="pi-worldwide"></i>

HEX F028

No General Data 

<i class="pi-general-data-neg"></i>

HEX F001

No Financial Data 

<i class="pi-financial-data-neg"></i>

HEX F003

No Health Data 

<i class="pi-health-data-neg"></i>

HEX F005

No Location Data 

<i class="pi-location-data-neg"></i>

HEX F007

No Biometric Data 

<i class="pi-biometric-data-neg"></i>

HEX F009

No Intimate Data 

<i class="pi-intimate-data-neg"></i>

HEX F011

No Provided Data 

<i class="pi-provided-data-neg"></i>

HEX F013

No Collected Data 

<i class="pi-collected-data-neg"></i>

HEX F015

No Received Data 

<i class="pi-received-data-neg"></i>

HEX F017

No Marketing 

<i class="pi-marketing-neg"></i>

HEX F019

No Product Development

<i class="pi-product-development-neg"></i>

HEX F021

No Other Purposes 

<i class="pi-other-purposes-neg"></i>

HEX F023

No Automated Decision-Making 

<i class="pi-automated-decision-making-neg"></i>

HEX F035

No Profiling 

<i class="pi-profiling-neg"></i>

HEX F037

No Data Transfers 

<i class="pi-data-transfers-neg"></i>

HEX F031

No Data Sale

<i class="pi-data-sale-neg"></i>

HEX F033

Not Only Switzerland

<i class="pi-switzerland-neg"></i>

HEX F025

Not Only Switzerland and Europe

<i class="pi-switzerland-europe-neg"></i>

HEX F027

Not Only Europe

<i class="pi-europe-neg"></i>

HEX F039

No Worldwide Processing

<i class="pi-worldwide-neg"></i>

HEX F029