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        Each and every data subject should be able to find out easily, quickly and clearly why which data about him or her is being processed. The association PRIVACY ICONS and its members have moved towards this goal.

        The foundation of the PRIVACY ICONS association goes back to an event for collaborative innovation organised by digitalswitzerland. At a roundtable on this subject, representatives of Swiss companies and the initiators of the discussion, Prof. Florent Thouvenin (University of Zurich) and Dr. Michael Tschudin (Wenger & Vieli), discussed the question of what is necessary to enable a data subject to decide whether or not he or she agrees to the processing of his or her personal data. They came to the conclusion that the decisive prerequisite for this is the highest possible level of transparency. The members of the association are striving to increase transparency regarding the processing of personal data by developing and using PRIVACY ICONS to present and supplement data protection declarations.

        Contact Association:

        Juliette Hotz
        Co-President Privacy Icons association, Senior Counsel Data Governance Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
        +41 79 488 21 80,

        Matthias Glatthaar
        Co-President Privacy Icons association, Data Protection Officer Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
        +41 78 776 16 88,